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Company Number:11192531
D-U-N-S®No: 223669361
VAT  No: 333484012
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What we do

Permanent recruitment service for all sectors and levels           

BME Promise is a recruitment and training agency that specifically aims to increase the representation of individuals with black or brown skin colour in various professions in the UK. Our agency operates on a self-sustainable model, allowing us to support underrepresented BME groups in all levels of employment.


We prioritise taking positive action and securing long-term careers for our candidates. In addition to race, BME Promise also considers all protected characteristics when attracting talent, including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, and sex.


When it comes to BAME/BME/Global Majority recruitment, we ensure that our focus on black and brown skin colour also encompasses all nine protected characteristics. To further support employers, we offer training packages that include accredited courses and workshops. These cover a range of modules, such as understanding stereotypes and prejudices, diversity, discrimination, diversity and economic activity, and promoting diversity and combating discrimination.

    Company number:11192531

Some of our partners

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Charity jobs
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46% of candidates that we engage with do not upload their CV onto jobs boards. They prefer to engage directly with a representative/hiring manager 


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Some of our clients

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All of our contract staff have access to our well-being practitioners 

BME Promise do not just say that we care about the well being of our staff, but show it. One way in which we do this is in giving our contract staff and permanent staff immediate access to our well-being practitioners (who else does this?) We understand that recruitment is not about the transactional exchange but the people we serve.

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BME Promise recruitment respect the environment and your data, that is why we hire consultants to support us

Some of our popular staff initiatives include no meat Mondays, and cycle/walk/public transport to work Fridays.

We understand that great Partnerships are the key to progression

That is why we have partnered with experts in their fields to advertise opportunities for equality and diversity within the workplace 

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