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What does the app monitor?

"What gets measured gets done. You cannot manage what you don't measure!" The Ethni-Gen app allows you to record real-time data for gender and ethnicity.  Bringing together your employee data and that of your supply chain. 

How it works

  • Sign up as the lead employer

  • Input your current data for gender and ethnicity 

  • Invite your suppliers to input their data 

  • measure all data with real time updates

The Business case

Effective monitoring is an important tool for measuring performance and progress for your organisation and your suppliers. Your supply chain is an extension of your practices and is equally as important to monitor.


Monitoring equality and diversity in the workforce enables organisations to examine how their employment policies and processes are working and to identify areas where these appear to be impacting disproportionately on certain groups of staff.


It can lead to the development of better and more informed, inclusive decision making,

including decisions on recruitment and promotion. This might mean sharing your ideas with your suppliers or vice versa. If you see that one of your suppliers has good practices in attracting diverse talent, you can tap into their strategies.


build reputation – Research shows that the best performing organisations are those

that invest most on promoting equality and diversity in their workforce. In presenting real time figures to board members, trustees, and candidates they can see that diversity is part of your agenda, both now and in the future.

create awareness - Signaling to your suppliers the organisation’s commitment to

creating a more inclusive work environment; In turn this has a detrimental impact in your supplier looking at their diversity numbers.


On signing up for the app you will be able to download our app logo and share it on any of your platforms. 



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