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During your first year, you will actively participate in everything from sales to marketing and customer service to operations and finance. Along the way, we’ll give you plenty of opportunity to show your skills, and we’ll reward your development with pay increases and opportunities for continued promotions.

As you progress, increasingly more opportunities will become available to you. You can choose, as most people do, to continue your rewarding ascent within our Rental Operations managerial track. Then - in as little as two years - from joining as a graduate you could become a Branch Manager, in charge of your own team and your own profits. Or you can explore one of many other exciting options within Enterprise including Human Resources, Accounting, Corporate and National Marketing and more.

What is certain is that we encourage all of our employees to be the best they can be, and diversity is a priority in all areas of our business. We are proud to say we have been in The Times list of Top 50 Employers Where Women Want to Work since it was conceived twelve years ago, and have been honoured with many other awards along the way.



As a Graduate Management Trainee, you are empowered to make business decisions that greatly affect your career as well as the bottom line. You’ll gain responsibility for developing new business and maintaining current relationships. You’ll be responsible for understanding cost control, reading your branch’s P&L statement and understanding what it takes to run a profitable business. You will also learn how to deliver exceptional customer service.

We will teach you how to effectively communicate, influence, and interact with all types of customers, vendors, and colleagues. You’ll learn proper sales techniques, problem solving strategies and conflict management. Those skills will provide you with the opportunity to market to local business partners and build solid, long lasting relationships with key business decision makers. In your development to become a successful manager at Enterprise, you’ll learn how to mentor, train, develop, manage and promote staff of your own.


  • A Bachelor’s degree is preferred; however, professional experience can be substituted if applicable.

  • You must have a full driving licence, but we do make accommodations for applicants who don’t drive due to a disability.

  • No drug or alcohol related offence on driving record within the last five years is permitted.

Additional Information

  • Regardless of your socio-economic background, university attended, subject studied and degree attained, Enterprise will always look at how you perform against our competencies and will judge you on that alone.

  • Please let us know about any accommodations you may need to participate in our recruitment process.

  • Please limit your application to only one job posting based on where you live and/or plan to work. Applying to multiple locations will delay your application being processed.

  • This job posting is for applications within the following locations: Wolverhampton


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    YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE Applying for a job at KFC couldn't be easier. Search for a role and location and build your own unique profile on our careers site. Following an online assessment and suitability, you will be added to a pool of candidates for the restaurant manager to review. If successful, we will invite you to a telephone interview. ADVANCE YOUR CAREER WITH KFC Everyone in KFC joins from different walks of life with different experiences along the way. We know that no matter what your story is, there are many out there that hunger for personal challenge and transformation. This is why KFC wants to make education available to everyone in all roles in our business. We offer a wide range of programmes where people can earn nationally recognised qualifications, Degrees in Business Management, and become a chartered professional in HR, Management, and Finance. We also offer career growth pipelines for our people through our Leadership Development Graduate Scheme. For any and all questions around KFC Education, reach out to and we will help you find the course that is right for you.

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