The Propeller Programme

The Propeller Programme (TPP) is set up to engage employers to offer work experience for 6 months followed by job opportunities. (TPP) is targeted at unemployed BAME young people who were at a disadvantage in the labour market.The programme is primarily aimed at 18 to 24-year-olds in receipt of Universal Credit or JSA.


 The criteria for voluntary positions are as follows: - each voluntary role must be at least 16 hours per week over 6 months; Employers taking part in the programme are not required to offer jobs, but if they do, the contract should be for a minimum duration of six months. 

During the 6 month voluntary period we will work with employers to evaluate and choose a qualification that will best assist their volunteer for success. We will cover all costs for training, in addition we will match each volunteer with a mentor. The BAME mentor will be experienced in the field, and offer advice and guidance when needed.

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