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The Sharing Room

Arts & Creative

Are you interested in a career in the arts or publishing but don't know where to start? Are you applying for jobs but don't seem to be making any progress? Arts Advice offers free, practical guidance from people working in these industries on building a CV, writing a covering letter, getting the right experience, preparing for interviews, accessing bursaries, and searching for jobs in the right places.


You can receive support from individuals working in a range of jobs in some of the biggest arts organisations in the UK" 


"We believe that true diversity in the workforce can only be achieved by holding a door open so that people of all backgrounds can join.


OLIVER provides clients with dedicated agencies.They cover the full range of integrated marketing, but at the speed that businesses now demand. 

They believe that true diversity in the workforce can only be achieved by holding a door open so that people of all backgrounds can join. Lois,Talent Operation Manager at Oliver has offered to support individuals with portfolio advice, and guidance. If you would like to speak with Lois for advice, please contact us. 

Social Chain.png

Social Chain is the first integrated social media company. It uses its world-leading reach, industry-defining marketing capabilities and first-party data to build and scale owned social media brands. If you are thinking about a career in media, and do not know where to start, please contact us. We will introduce you to a member of the Social Chain team that can offer guidance.

Want to learn more about joining the Home Office?

Are you interested in a career working for the Home Office? You can receive support from individuals working in a range of jobs within the Home Office. If you would like to tap into their wealth of experience, please contact us to arrange a slot.

If you are ready to apply for positions, please click on the Home Office jobs button. 

Banking & Finance

Akin, Delivery lead at Lloyds Banking Group. Akin  is offering his knowledge to individuals that want to learn more about the sector.  If you are wanting advice, support in creating cover letters for Banking proposals, please contact us.

Thinking about a career in therapy?

Anthony Davis Therapy logo.jpeg

"Anthony Davis is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  He provides therapy online and face to face. 


Anthony strongly believes that we have different needs when looking for therapeutic support. Through a holistic, personalised approach, therapy can provide beneficial improvements in mental wellbeing and the decision making that is right for us.


Anthony specialises in working with a range of emotional and psychological difficulties; some of which include: Anxiety, Stress,depression or low mood, Relationship issues, and Bereavement and loss.


Anthony specialises in therapeutic work with BAME clients, and has supported individuals who experienced racial/ethnic discrimination. He further has completed significant work with LGBTQ+ clients, particularly those struggling with their gender and sexual orientation or those who have experienced discrimination due to their sexual orientation."

If you are wanting advice, or support in pursuing a career in psychotherapy, David is happy to have a discussion.





Business Support


Dinah Turner

Programme & Leadership Consultant

Dinah is a creative and approachable IT leader with diverse experiences to help shape your solutions. From strategy to programme delivery, she brings a people focused approach.  Dinah has pledged her support with advice around consultancy career advice -How to start your journey. If you would like to organise a discussion with Dinah, please contact us.





Dean is an experienced Business Agility Consultant, Teacher, Coach and has supported organisations such as Nike, MTV, BBC and GOV.UK and more through transformation and change.

On top of this he is the Editor of The Agilist newsletter, a lifelong quest to explore how the Agile mindset, and Lean ways of working, can help individuals & organisations sense and respond to a rapidly changing world. The Agilist is a nonprofit organisation, funded by donations, newsletter subscriptions and fees from training.

If you would like to speak with Dean for advice, please contact us.





Tobe, Global Strategy & Operations at Google-  San Francisco Bay Tobe has had a very successful career, covering Product Marketing to Global strategy.

If you are a school leaver / graduate wanting to find out more about a career with Google, please contact us or connect with Tobe via his LinkedIn profile. 




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