We are working with Local Authorities to provide bespoke

Distance learning for your School during Covid19

Subjects are covered


Math, English and Science online Tutoring 1:1


Who will provide the sessions? 


 Tutors,Higher Level Teaching assistants with degree in a subject, Teachers, NQT's and lecturers 

Do parents/carers need to be present?



What checks will be completed?



Every member of staff will hold a current DBS on update service and checks made against the barring service. 


How long will each session last? 


60 minutes 


Which platforms will be used?


Skype, Zoom and Google docs (for setting work and marking work)


What if the household does not have access to the internet or smartphone/laptop or Tablet? 


A Giff Gaff Sim card will be purchased for £20 a month 80GB internet and sent to the household (topped up by us each month automatically)A basic Tablet with camera compatible with Giff Gaff will be purchased and sent to the household if they do not have access. In some cases  a child's school will be asked if they could lend a laptop to the household. This will need to be returned when the child returns to school.


What if a household is not I.T literate? 


A member of the team will talk them through setting up Google Docs, Skype, and or Zoom via telephone


Who will this service be offered to in the first two months? 


Families that were registered as being eligible for free school dinners before Covid 19.

Households earnings that were below £616.67 before Covid 19


How will you decide the order for sessions?


Families on the lowest household income will be priority, an order will be set, based on current figures held by schools. Also, children that schools feel are most in need 

of the support. 


How many sessions will each child receive? 


3 sessions a week, 1 x Math (60 minutes) 1 x English (60 minutes)  and 1 x Science (60 minutes)

Total per week 3 hrs. 


Will homework be set? 



How will the Teacher or/and Tutor know the learning stage of each child? 


A line of communication will be ongoing with the tutor and the current school teacher. All progress notes and marking will be shared with the school teacher/School that the child attends. 


Will the Teachers or tutors change during the duration?


No, we will always try to keep the same teaching staff member with the same child on the same days and times, however this might change slightly on occasion.  


What age groups will receive the support? 


6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years , 13 years, 14 years and 15 years of age.



Basic computer skills 


Households that have informed us that they are not computer literate will receive up to 6 hours of support by one of our 

I.T skills tutors. This will be offered over 1 day or five days to families. If the household consists of two people they will both need to be 

present during the sessions. 


The tablet/ or laptop provided to the child will be used for classes. The technology will be returned to the child's school once sessions have ended.



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