Diversity And Inclusion Training 

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Time: 4hrs 20 minutes


Our diversity and inclusion trainer

will come to your setting or can conduct an online session.Topics can be amended to fit any issues that might be more pertinent to specific stakeholders. 

one to one sessions can also be conducted with managers










Cyril Husbands is a leadership and management development specialist, with over
twenty years’ experience in the following disciplines:
L&D (learning and development)
OD (organisation development)
HRM (human resource management)
SEM (stakeholder engagement and management)
DEI (diversity, equalities and inclusion)
LM (leadership and management)
His values include an implacable belief in social justice and equality and
advancing human rights to achieve this.



Time: 15 minutes


  • Constructing and introducing ground rules.

  • Describing the objectives of the session.

  • Setting the group’s expectations and goals.



Time: 20 minutes


  • Stereotypes, prejudices, preconceptions, biases: what are they and how are they different?

  • Defining stereotypes, prejudices, preconceptions, and biases.

  • Raising employees’ awareness on the implications that stereotypes and prejudices have on people’s lives and how they affect personal and professional conduct.



Time: 1 hour


- Encouraging employees to explore the diversity of their own identities.

  • Encouraging employees to explore their privileges and vulnerabilities and acknowledge them.

  • Defining diversity.

  • Introducing trainees to a range of diversity issues informed by race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, and class.

  • Displaying the importance of cultivating understanding and respect for diversity.


Time: 30 minutes


  • Defining discrimination.

  • Explaining the difference between discrimination and prejudices.

  • Providing employees with the tools to identify incidents of discrimination.

  • Raising trainees’ awareness on the consequences of discrimination on people’s lives: social and economic and marginalisation



Time: 1 hour


  • Introducing the importance of diversity in the labour market.

  • Explaining the importance of diversity in regard to:

    • staff composition

    • managerial team composition

    • workplace relations

    • general management



Time: 30 minutes


  • Promoting pro-diversity attitudes.

  • Training participants on how to talk to others about diversity.

  • Teaching employees how to practice personal and collective responsibility towards the respect of diversity.




      Time: 30 minutes


  • Summary of the main concepts.

  • Summary of how to identify discrimination.

  • Summary of the importance of diversity.

  • Testing employees understanding of the presented concepts.

  • Clarifying any unclear concept.



      Time: 15 minutes


  • Having participants fill out evaluations.

  • Reviewing expectations and verifying if they have been met.

Leadership Coaching/


Politician with Supporters

Leadership Training/Mentoring 


Our Leadership trainer

will come to your setting or can conduct online session with BAME employees wanting to progress their careers within your organisation. Sessions can be one to one (ongoing) or a one off group session. The training will focus on strategic planning, working together with the employee and employer.













Louisa Joseph enjoyed a career in a large corporate organisation for 17 years, starting in operations management and subsequently pursuing a rewarding career in a variety of HR roles including Talent management. In 2019 Louisa founded BAME to Boardroom in order to follow her passion for working with businesses to develop Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) talent into leadership roles; building confident, focused, high performing, and diverse teams, which in turn impact on organisational culture.


Louisa hosts an interview series called “We Need to get Comfortable Talking about Race At Work”, interviewing successful men and women of BAME backgrounds about their challenges and, more importantly, their successes and transformational breakthroughs in their careers.


As a result of this work she has developed a next level career coaching programme for professionals aspiring to move up in their careers called

“Be Visible, Be Confident”. A series of important inner and outer career modules, which every participant needs to apply in order to get out of their own way, and get the next position they want. The programme has also been developed into a 1 day Masterclass for larger groups.


On May 25th 2020 George Floyd, a black man, had his life taken at the hands of a white police officer, in Minneapolis USA. This moment was captured on video and has been shared on the world stage, repeatedly playing across all media outlets. The Black Lives Matter movement has over recent weeks dominated the airwaves demanding justice for George Floyd and all other lives lost at the hands of systemic oppression, addressing centuries of societal and racial inequality. As a result there is a thirst for knowledge and education on the topic of race and racism.


Louisa works with leaders in organisations to understand The Black Experience. Touching upon some of the challenges specific to being a Black person in the UK workforce; cultural and environmental factors and how these can hold Black professionals back in their careers