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midnight on Monday 26th September 2022

Quarantine website:



WOULD LIKE TO MEET is a week-long exchange for artists who are generations apart but interested in bringing their practices together. Hosted and supported by Quarantine, this residency invites pairs of artists with a minimum of a twenty-year age gap to come together to spend a week framed by the provocation ‘what questions do you have for each other?’ 


The residency is aimed at facilitating intergenerational collaborations between artists who have not had the opportunity to work together before. Artists are invited to apply together and to spend the week exploring an area of shared interest, framed by the notion of asking each other questions.


The residencies are self-directed, but Quarantine will offer starting points and provocations as needed as well as being available for advice and conversations. How you spend the time is up to you – it might be a practical testing of an idea in a studio; a week-long conversation in different places around the city; a week spent in a library to explore something you’re both curious about; or anything else you can imagine… 

Artists can be working in any art-form but should have a live element to their practice and feel that their work is resonant with the type of input that Quarantine might be able to offer. The focus is on process and open exploration – there’s no expectation that you’ll produce something tangible by the end of the week (though you can if you want to, of course). You tell us what you’d like to do with a week together and what kind of space you’d like to work in (if any), and we’ll do our best to make this happen.

To foster a culture of sharing learning, at the end of the residency we’ll ask each pair of artists to do a short ‘talking heads’ video (or equivalent) that gives others an insight into your practices, the ideas you’ve been playing with, and the questions you’ve been left with. We hope this will also act as a useful moment of reflection and a way to look forward at what might come next for the artists involved. We’ll share this on our website.

We can support three pairs of artists in total. Artists must be within commuting distance of Manchester, and we are particularly interested in supporting artists who are based in Manchester.  Residencies will take place between 21 November and 11 December 2022 – please let us know your ideal dates when you apply.  

Access and inclusion are at the heart of how Quarantine operates. We recognise that institutional racism, discrimination, and inequality exists in our sector and are dedicated to helping to address this. We particularly welcome applications from people with lived experience of racism or marginalisation. This includes working class, disabled, neurodiverse, LGBTQIA+, global majority individuals, and other marginalised groups, as well as inter-sectional individuals. We have a small access budget to support these residencies and are happy to discuss with you anything we can do to make the application process or residency experience more accessible for you. 






We’ll provide: 

  • A fee of £750 per artist (£1500 per pair) 

  • A budget of £500 (per pair) that you can spend in whatever way you think will be useful or nourishing for your time together – to test something out, to visit somewhere that will feed your practice, to bring other expert voices into your process… 

  • Travel costs (within reasonable commuting distance of Manchester)

  • A shared meal that brings all the artists and the Quarantine team together 

  • Everything we can – within reason – to make your residency happen in the way you’d like it to.


How to apply:  

Please apply as a pair by sending a short biog (and website link if available) for each artist, as well as answering the following questions either in writing (no more than 2x A4 pages) or as a video or audio file (no longer than 5 minutes) sent to by midnight on Monday 26th September. 

  • What is your age gap and why this collaboration? 

  • What area of shared interest will you explore?

  • What starting questions do you have for each other?

  • What might you use the £500 to bring into the process? 

  • What type of space might you want to work in (if any)?

  • Is there anything else you need to best support your residency? 

  • Do you have any access needs? 

  • How do your practices resonate with the work Quarantine makes? 

  • What are your preferred dates for your residency? (between 21 November and 11 December 2022) 

Please also ensure each of you have also filled in a monitoring form here. These are submitted anonymously to help us gather data on who our open calls reach and, critically, who we are missing.

Board member (finance)
Board member
(marketing &


Salary – none/voluntary

Deadline 13 December 2021

The role of a charity trustee is unpaid and voluntary but offers a lot in terms of personal and professional development

Please see our website for details of our current activities:




Quarantine is one of the UK’s leading contemporary performance companies. Formed in 1998 by artists Simon Banham, Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea, in the past three years we’ve developed a core ensemble of artists & producers, who work with a shifting constellation of collaborators to make theatre, performance and other public events characterised by their intimacy, fragility and an instinct to pay close attention to everyday life. “Quarantine is quite simply a marvel, a company that's right at the forefront of British theatre... immensely touching, totally human yet also intellectually rigorous in their examination of the nature of performance and the raising of questions about what makes theatre seem real and reality so strongly theatrical. “ - LYN GARDNER, THE GUARDIAN Quarantine work with virtuosic performers and with people who have never done anything like this before – electricians, philosophers, families, soldiers, chefs, children, florists, opera singers and countless others. It’s an ongoing exercise in mass portraiture. 



Board member (finance)

We’re looking for an experienced finance professional (with a recognised accountancy qualification), ideally with a background in charity finance. Finance experience in an arts/cultural setting would also be helpful though not essential, but an interest in and understanding of art/theatre/performance is preferable. We would ask you to take on the role of Chair of our finance sub-committee, which meets quarterly ahead of full quarterly Board meetings, and take the lead (alongside another finance expert on our Board), on behalf of the board, for all financial matters in liaison with the staff. Our Executive Director (FT) is responsible for financial management, supported by our Finance Manager (1 day/pw). In addition to the role of oversight of the charity’s finances, some small administrative duties may be required including but not limited to:

• Acting as a Bank signatory (occasional)

• Liaison for the Board with the accountants (no audit)


Board member (marketing/communications)

Arts experience is not essential but an interest in art/theatre/performance is key. We’re looking for someone skilled in marketing and/or communications, who is able to support our staff in this area in a strategic way. Our Communications and Development Manager (FT) is responsible for this area, supported by other members of staff. More about the role of Director/Trustee (Board member)


The role of a charity trustee is unpaid and voluntary but offers a lot in terms of personal and professional development. As well as playing a pivotal role in a world leading performance company, you will have the opportunity to see our work, access training and will receive expenses for travel and other associated costs. Our board meets four times a year (usually 6-8pm on a weekday in Manchester), plus at least one further strategy/planning day each year (usually a weekday afternoon or afternoon and evening). There are also sub-committee meetings and training opportunities, from time to time.


As a Board member we expect you to:

• Sign up as a Director of the company (limited by guarantee) and as a Trustee of the Charity

• Attend our performances and other live events from time to time; and potentially sit in on rehearsals or contribute to the creative development of our work in other ways


• Act as an advocate for Quarantine, including supporting advocacy and fundraising, making use of your networks on behalf of Quarantine (if appropriate/relevant)


• Ensure the effective, efficient administration and financial stability of Quarantine; ensuring the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations


• Ensure that the Board has put in place satisfactory systems of control in respect of legal, operational, financial and risk management


• Provide governance overview for Quarantine, ensuring delivery in line with our business plan and strategic objectives


• Support and guide specifically the Chief Executive and Executive Director in achieving the company’s aims






Quarantine is a disabled-led organisation and access and inclusion are at the heart of how we operate. We recognise that institutional racism, discrimination and inequality exists in our sector and we are dedicated to helping to address this. We particularly welcome expressions of interest from people with lived experience of racism or marginalisation, people with dependents and those who have had unconventional career paths. We will support any access requirements you may have during this process, and if you join the Board, we will make adjustments to ensure you can contribute comfortably and effectively.


If you require any access support relating to the expression of interest process, or require further information, please contact Ali Dunican, Executive Director via


Main Terms: Salary – none/voluntary Term – there is no minimum or maximum term length; but the longest serving Trustees/Directors retire at each AGM, and can be re-appointed. Our hope is that new Trustees/Directors would serve a 3-4 year term in the first instance Next quarterly meeting/s – February 2022 (exact date tbc).


In the first instance, we might ask individuals to attend as observers (if available) Location – we are based in Manchester but are currently working remotely. We expect to meet face to face as a Board in the future, but expect some meetings/interactions will continue to take place remotely. This means that although proximity to Manchester is preferable, we are open to people who are based outside of Manchester (nationally or internationally).


Next steps: expression of interest


To express your interest in one of the roles, please send a copy of your CV or equivalent and your responses to the prompts below, plus a completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring form to by 13 December 2021


Responses to the prompts below can be written (no more than 1 side of A4) or provided in audio or video form (no more than 3 minutes), and should address:


• Why you are interested in joining Quarantine’s Board


• Referencing what knowledge, experience, qualities and skills you could bring to this role


• What you hope to get out of being part of Quarantine’s Board


We will get back in touch with everyone by 17 December 2021 and to potentially arrange an initial conversation with our CEO and Chair of our Board.







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