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Nurse Manager - Behavioral Health

Ottumwa, IA, USA

About the Role

Yes, they must report in-person to a specific location
United States of America
Bonuses negotiable
Current Active Iowa RN Licensure
Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in nursing
3 years’ experience in a related clinical practice
Job Description

The nurse manager of Behavioral Health provides clinical and administrative leadership and expertise within the Behavioral Health Unit under the direction of the Behavioral Health Director and is responsible for the implementation of the vision, mission, plans, and standards of the organization and nursing services.

The Behavioral Health Manager is responsible for planning, organization and administration of clinical services to include staffing, training and development, communications and documentation to maintain quality patient care standards and advise medical staff, department heads, and the administrator in matters related to the clinical services offered in the area directed.

This role is a unique role designed to ensure the Behavioral Health Unit has consistent leadership of a trained and experienced psychiatric/mental health Registered Nurse (RN). The Behavioral Health Manager works closely with the Behavioral Health Director and Behavioral Health Medical Director who ultimately oversees the program to assure Behavioral Health Unit services are delivered safely, and that the program complies with regulatory statutes.


Practices safe work habits, complies with safety rules and regulations, adheres to safety policies, and demonstrates competency in all applicable safety policies and procedure.
Demonstrates required competencies related to facility safety, patient safety, infection control. Promotes a safe environment and safe patient care practices. Consistently adheres to employee health, patient safety and facility safety policies and procedures.
Promotes sound fiscal operation by implementing an effective budgeting process for their defined service line.
Develops annual revenue, personnel, operations, and capital expense budgets for defined service line.
Analyzes available financial data for significant variances.
Investigates budget variances and initiates corrective action or justifies non-adherence.
o Prepares valid rationale and justification for budget requests, including recommendations for a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide care/service for defined service line.

o Applies current cost containment concepts.

o Establishes productivity guidelines for defined service line and monitors and appropriately adjusts productivity.

o Evaluates and maintains management information systems that provide integrated data needed to monitor and explain variances from established parameters.

· Assures effective leadership and management of human resources within defined service line.

Treats all contacts with friendliness courtesy and respect. Shows empathy. Uses self-control in interactions with others.
Assures that job descriptions within defined service line clarify and delineate position expectations according to existing laws, regulations, industry standards and organizational requirements.
Participates in recruitment and retention activities.
Participates in interviewing, selection and promotion for defined service line positions.
Facilitates orientation, in-services, on-the-job training and continuing education programming to meet identified staff development needs.
Participates in and ensures timely completion of annual performance appraisals.
Participates in counseling, coaching, commendation, disciplinary actions, promotions, demotions and terminations.
Creates an environment for staff growth, development, productivity and satisfaction through application of motivation, recognition and accountability principles.
Facilitates positive medical staff relationships with defined service line.
Facilitates regular communication strategies with physicians and physician clinics.
o Demonstrates collaboration with physician co-chair and facilitates active physician and staff participation for defined Service Line Council to achieve strategic goals.

o Engages medical staff in staff development initiatives.

o Solicits medical staff ideas and concerns for the promotion of patient safety initiatives and clinical policy/procedure development.

o When indicated, collaborates with physician recruiter in on-site recruitment and medical staff orientation procedures.

· Facilitates the delivery of quality patient care to patients and families within defined service line.

o Facilitates the planning and monitoring of quality, risk management and safety activities insuring corrective action.

o Facilitates positive clinical outcomes through effective supervision and evaluation of care.

Assures compliance with laws, regulations and accreditation standards.
Establishes methods for accurate and timely information dissemination vertically and horizontally.
Ensures existence of, and adherence to, current, complete policies and procedures that align with applicable law, regulations, and standards.
Provides opportunity for service line staff participation in policy development processes, staff development programs and work/role redesign initiatives.
Facilitates processes to modify and develop information systems as needed to meet evolving information needs and respond to opportunities to increase effectiveness of clinical practice through automation.
Facilitates development and application of competency-based professional development models.
Demonstrates ability to meet and exceed internal and external customer expectations. Promotes effective intra/inter department and organization relationships.
Creates a climate of effective communication and contributes to an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
o Fosters a non-discriminatory climate in which care is delivered in a manner sensitive to sociocultural diversity.

o Demonstrates understanding of and promotes ethical principles in clinical practice.

o Facilitates conflict resolution.

o Insures patient, family and visitor satisfaction with services.

o Works collaboratively with students and educational institutions to promote positive learning experiences.

· Promotes strategic service line development through growth and recognition.

o Attends and/or conducts education offerings.

o Speaks to hospital and community groups.

o Participates in health related activities and groups.

o Facilitates appropriate marketing plan development in collaboration with marketing department and Service Line Council.

o Identifies data needs and conducts appropriate analysis to develop appropriate business plan(s) addressing new service or growth opportunities.

· Demonstrates initiatives in professional development.

o Seeks constructive feedback and participates in peer review as appropriates.

o Seeks additional knowledge and skills appropriate to identified service line by developing and/or participating in educational programs and activities, conferences, workshops, interdisciplinary professional meetings, and self-directed learning.

o Seeks experiences to expand and maintain skills and knowledge base.

o Gains appropriate formal education and/or certification for career path.

o Networks with peers in state/region to share ideas and conduct mutual problems solving.

· In collaboration with administration, peers, nursing personnel and members of other disciplines, engages in the following activities:

o Participates, and facilitates staff participation, in nursing and organizational policy formulation and decision-making.

o Accepts organizational accountability for services provided to recipients.

o Evaluates department quality standards and initiates and evaluates performance improvement.

o Evaluates the quality, appropriateness of care and competency of the staff.

o Provides guidance for and supervision of personnel accountable to the Director including evaluation of performance.

o Coordinates nursing services with the services of other health care disciplines.

o Participates in the recruitment, selection, and retention of personnel.

o Assumes accountability for staffing and scheduling personnel within the productivity standards.

o Assures appropriate orientation, education, credentialing, and continuing professional development for personnel.

o Develops and monitors the budget for defined areas.

o Other duties as assigned.


· Knowledgeable in the care and handling of patient populations served.

· Demonstrates ability in planning for the provision of care (eg, policy/procedure development, competency requirements/staff development plans, etc.) for patients in all age groups including, but not limited to, consideration of the special needs and behavior of each respective group.

· Process good communication skills, strong leadership, and interpersonal relation skills.

· Demonstrates skill and maturity in problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution.

· Demonstrates ability to make decisions and support rationale, clearly communicate decisions to relevant parties.

· Analyzes own performance in accordance with position expectations. Develops goals and implements a plan to meet those goals. Maintains own knowledge and skills.

· In-depth knowledge and skill related to specialty area (i.e.-patient population, symptoms, diagnoses, medications, etc.).

· Ability to work within the guidelines established by the organizational structure.

· Ability to work effectively and efficiently to orient/cross-train staff.

· Working/Reference knowledge of policies/procedures/standards.

· Skill in accurately assessing and communicating special patient care and operational needs.

· Skill in demonstrating sincere support for ORHC.

· Skill in assessing and constructively communicating staff developmental needs.

· Ability to report staff performance and maintain confidential records.

· Must demonstrate positive, supportive behavior to members of the healthcare team, patients, and families through effective communication, calm appearance and professional behavior.


· Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing


· 3 years’ experience in a related clinical practice

· 1 year in a clinical leadership role preferred


· Current Active Iowa RN Licensure

· Current BLS

· Psychiatric Nurse Certification Preferred

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