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Hello, potential recruiter

My name is Melvyn Morrison, director of BME Promise recruitment. Our company was formed in 2018 to support people of color to progress their careers. Based in the UK, but growing operations rapidly in the US. We are currently looking for experienced recruiters, but most importantly those that have a shared ethos in bridging the social gaps that exist due to race. Oh, and you do not have to be a person of color to join our team. It is all about equality in opportunities. You will be working on high commission roles from around the world. 


 If you believe that this is you, please send over your CV to:

Why join our recruiting team ? 

BME Promise Recruitment is a revolutionary new recruitment service that provides great opportunities for both employers and employees. With our competitive commission rates and great incentives, we promise our employees they will always receive a great return on their investments.

Commissions. As compensation for the services performed pursuant to this Agreement, the Employee shall receive a standard commission of 40% of Community fee (Net) The average commission rate is $11,000.


placements in a calendar month you receive an additional $2000


placements in a calendar month you receive an additional $4000


placements in a calendar month you receive an additional $6000

We give you access to our exhaustive list of client vacancies. You then use your experience, to fill the vacancies.

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Download our recruiter contract to learn more.

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We are always looking for forward thinking creative minds. Let's connect.

Contract roles

Our Average Standard split is
80% Candidate:
10% Master agency
5% split BME Promise and recruiter (You) 
on the day/hourly/monthly rate as advertised/offered as end rate by the Employer. When you submit a candidate for a contract role, you will submit +20% of the candidate asking rate as a standard practice. e.g if the candidate asking rate is (£)($)300/day you will submit (£)($)360/day to Client.
20% margin can increase or decrease from case to case basis and the margin on top of candidate/contractor asking rate will be split 50:25:25 between Master agencies (50%)
BME Promise 25% and recruiter 25% (You)


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